Saturday, February 07, 2009

21Oct1864, A Visit from Meriel and a Ball

HARDWICK, October 21st, 1864.
—A nice little tramp again, with F. and Lou, in the garden and park. I rather scampered home to be in time for what makes this a red-letter day for me : the arrival of my old Meriel with John and Mrs. Talbot. M. is not looking well, but she is. Mrs. Talbot was here for her honeymoon : it must seem dreamlike to her, and haunted by the echoes of happiness. What should we go to, the Duke, Lou, F., and I, but a ball at Chesterfield ! My last ball having been the Hawarden one, made this feel curious. I rather hoped not to dance, but no such thing ; and it didn't break my heart to have my Fred for vis-à-vis. I wore some of the Duke's diamonds on my head and round my neck for the first time.

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