Saturday, February 07, 2009

19Oct1864, Selling at a Bazaar

HARDWICK, October 19th, 1864.
—I did what I little thought to do again at all—least of all as a sham charity — helped to sell at a bazaar. It was at Chesterfield, in aid of funds for the hospital. Though I think such a thing a miserable make-shift, whereby people's grudging help towards a good object is obtained by dint of giving them in return a foolish, frivolous, wasteful, and generally tuft-hunting, day's jollification ; yet of course I don't think it distinctly wrong, and would not put up my back, beyond having a few little kicks about it in private ; and I sold to help Lou. Everybody was full of bustle, good nature and energy, the room crammed, and everything likely to turn out successful. It was opened with a splash by Cavendish's making a speech. Fred and Eddy didn't come, my poor old Fred being very rheumatic, and Eddy disinclined. The Duke and Cavendish went back early ; we stayed till 3½ and I felt somewhat done up. We came away in style (open carriage and 4), almost smothered in fairings. I got a doll for little Mary, and 3 sets of poor children's clothes, methinks for Hagley.

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