Saturday, November 25, 2006

30Jan1862, A Paper Hunt

NEWNHAM PADDOX, Thursday, January 30th, 1862.
— Same weather : aftn. pour. We had a paper hunt ; Col. (William) Feilding and I being hares. I never went such a dance : over two miles across country, of which a mile was mostly running ; and though I shirked many fences, there was plenty of moderate scrambling. We baffled the hounds (most of the remaining guests, etc.) ; and after the first loss of breath I got on very well. Learnt for the 1st time what getting one's 2nd wind was. Lovely singing in the aftn. Mem. : " The Reaper and the Flowers," sung by Ladies Mary, Ida, and Adelaide Feilding, and Capt. Palisser ; and " Sing me to Rest," Ly. Mary. Charming dancing in the evening : Lancers with 10 people, and Sir Roger de Coverley to end with : immense fun. There were here, Lady and Misses Mordaunt, Admiral Erskine, a brother of Ld. Denbigh's, Lord Welscourt, Sir Theophilus Biddulph, host and four daughters and two sons, of whom the hare is particularly pleasant. The rest I shall remember to-morrow, I hope.
Letter : from Nevy ; to Papa.

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