Saturday, November 25, 2006

29Jan1862, House Party at Lord Denbigh's

NEWNHAM PADDOX, [FN: Lord Denbigh's] Wednesday, January 29th, 1862.
—And so, off I set, at 10 1/4, chaperoned for the 1st time by old Meriel ! with her and John, to this place, stopping on the way and mightily enjoying ourselves at Coventry, having luncheon there, and seeing the glorious churches and a bit of the town. Working men standing about idle, and empty factory windows, speaking silently of the still bitter distress. Arrived at this stately mansion abt 4, find swarms of people, all of whose names I shall perhaps pick up by the time we go. Lively ball, M. dancing again, but looking amazingly matronly ! I danced with Ld. Feilding, his brother Percy, Messrs. Sykes, Cameron, etc., etc. : maukins.

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