Sunday, March 05, 2006

28Aug1858, Arley Castle

HAGLEY, August 28th, 1858.
—Seven of us, from me downwards excluding Charles, went to Bewdly with Papa, and Miss S. and Uncle Sp. to see the Bakers, and go up the Severn in a barge to Arley Castle, all which was accomplished most satisfactorily. Arley was in our family, but was given away by naughty Tom [FN: The second Lord. "A nobleman," as Sir George Trevelyan has said, "who, rather by contrast to the others of his name than for any exceptionally heinous misdoings of his own, goes by the sobriquet of 'the bad Lord Lyttelton.'"] ; we saw some family pictures and monuments. Such a hideous little church. Beautiful wooded banks and islands up the Severn : I never gave it credit for such beauty.

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