Sunday, March 05, 2006

24Sep1858, Orphan Home in Glostershire

HAMS, September 24th, 1858.
—They gave us an interesting report of a wonderful Orphan Home in Glostershire (managed by Mr. Muller, a Plymouth Brother), which is flourishing and increasing, though he has no certain money whatever. His strange one-sided religion is sad and unfortunate, for one can hardly tell what lasting and sterling good he may do ; and with such noble singleness of mind and faith, how one longs he should teach all that's right. Then it seems there would be no end to the good he would do. He has nearly 1,000 orphans. If they did but all turn out high-principled, right-minded Christians and Churchpeople ! This they can hardly do, as Plymouth Brethren, poor things, are not allowed to say their prayers till they are converted : what a horrible idea, that one has been a heathen for exactly fourteen years, 11 months, and 864 days, and that then on the 31st of December 185- one becomes a Christian for life ; for this it seems they think happens regularly. And the calm, complacent way in which he talks of the converted and unconverted, those who are Christians and those who are not, settling them up in respective little packets as it were. Who are we to judge our brothers ?

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