Sunday, February 19, 2006

31Mar1857, Baby Baptized

LONDON, March 31st, 1857.
—Baby was baptized. Uncle Billy came on purpose to do it ; the first of the whole twelve that he ever has. Such an addition to the brightness of to-day. I went to see the precious one dressed : he was perfectly good during the trying operation, though it was his crying time. He looked lovely in his robes, and Mamma's wedding-veil, with the tiny Christening cap surrounding his little placid face, which struck Uncle B. on first sight with its look of happy thoughtfulness. Mamma came to church, so nice. Mr. Selfe, Althorp, and Aunt Emmy were godparents ; Mr. Cavendish and Auntie P. representing the two latter. Oh, the beauty of the service and Uncle B's reading of it ! The little one was wide awake all the time, gazing round him with his beauteous eyes, and moving his little arms. He never made one cry, and only uttered a little low sound when Uncle Billy took him tenderly, becoming quite quiet again, and looking earnestly up at him. The Water touched the calm white forehead, and the Cross marked Alfred Lyttelton as Christ's soldier and servant, sealing him as God's child, purifying his immortal soul, and filling it with the Spirit that makes him an inheritor of glorious Eternity. God for ever bless the new Christian enrolled under His banner.

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