Sunday, February 19, 2006

25Mar1857, Eton

LONDON, March 25th, 1857.
—M. and I had the lark of going to Eton, with Papa, Auntie P., and Agnes. We found Charles in the heat of a game of fives, which he lost by one I believe in our very eye. However it was an excellent game. All were flourishing. We dined at Seymour Neville's rooms, which he is making elegant to suit his Minor Canonship. It was great fun. Before luncheon we saw the boys' rooms, with char­acteristic differences between Charles' and Willy's, and Mr. Coleridge who received us most affably, and told us several mournful particulars about the health of his wife, whose brain is in some melancholy state of dilapidation : not softening like that of his friend Miss Hawtrey, but something analogous. We went in the afternoon to Eton Chapel, wherein the flood of boys looked very striking, especially when they all stood up, with a sort of rushing sound. But the unfortunate thing was that there were no proper responses, only a muttered whisper. We went to the Castle : most beautiful view.

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