Saturday, November 20, 2010

29Apr1874, Sir Ch. Trevelyan Remembers

LONDON, Wednesday, April 29th, 1874.
—Visited Aunt Caroline, and Mrs. Dugdale, who seems to be keeping house for poor widowed Sir Ch. Trevelyan. He was there, and enjoyed our visit, and showing off a beautiful Dugdale baby. Went off into reminiscences of his youth, a propos of the great increase of religious earnestness: said he used to be sent as a boy to see the "promenade" in the Park on Sundays of all the beauty and fashion driving and gossiping. Those who didn't were called Saints. And he said he remembered boys at school going up for Confirmation again and again for the sake of the day's outing!! Likewise, he remembers seeing a wretched boy tossed at a bull-baiting.

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