Friday, October 01, 2010

08May1873, A Gamboge-ey Green Gown

LONDON, Thursday, May 8th, 1873.
—Why did I go to this May Drawing-room? Endless dismal business, too late to see the Queen, squeeze, and dead tire. Sarina [FN: Mrs. Godley, afterwards Lady Kilbracken.] and I went together, she wanting to kiss the Queen's hand, being presented on her marriage. No such honour. Baroness Burdett, poor old maid, with her very red nose and flurry colour, thought fit to wear a befurbelowed gamboge-ey green gown, "couleur aeuf pourri" as near as could be imitated. Ly. Airlie's fine big girls looked well in a sort of new-ink colour, with white, and Ly. Brownlow was a radiant sight.

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