Saturday, October 23, 2010

01Sep1873, A Monster Expedition to Wrekin

HAGLEY, Monday, September 1st, 1873.
Papa headed a monster expedition to the top of the Wrekin. It consisted of himself and Sybella, his 8 sons, 3 of his daughters, 2 sons-in-law, a grandson, 3 cousins (Pole Carews), a niece (G. G.) [FN: Gertrude Glynne, afterwards Lady Penrhyn], and Mr. Balfour. At Wellington Station (odd coincidence) we met Aggie [FN: Agnes Gladstone, engaged to Rev. E. Wickham, Head Master of Wellington, afterwards Dean of Lincoln.] and Mr. Wickham, chaperoned by Mazy, Harry, and Herbert. Poor Mr. W. must have looked on bedazed as the 21 came bubbling endlessly one after another out of the saloon carriage. We all set off up the hill, and I had the very appalling honour of walking tête-a-tête with Mr. W. for a good bit! At the top we perched all over the crags and revelled in the glorious, widespread, many-tinted view, while the dear posse of big brothers set up various part-songs, and the hero and heroine sat happily together.

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