Friday, September 24, 2010

30Jan1873, George IV, An Abominable Man

LONDON, Thursday, January 30th, 1873.
—Met wonderful old Sir Henry Holland, who might, however, be 30 times better company than he is : he always seems devoured by doctorial reserve and afraid of committing himself about characters 70 years ago. However, he did let fly upon George IV, saying he had attended his two wives, and his mistress Ly. Conyngham, the latter of whom had told him awful things of him. "He was an abominable man from the beginning of his life to the end," quoth Sir Henry — "far worse than any of his brothers," all of whom Sir H. knew. He also talked of Prss. Charlotte, and the lamentable job perpetrated by "my old friend Dr. Willis" in getting appointed as accoucheur his brother-in-law wretched Sir R. Crofts, who had before been shut up for insanity, and who bled the poor flabby-habit-ed Princess 2 or 3 times before her confinement, so that she died of exhaustion.

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