Sunday, April 04, 2010

03Apr1872, Alfred is Confirmed

HAGLEY, Wednesday, April 3rd, 1872.
—My darling Alfred was Confirmed at 3 o'clock by the Bp. of Worcester : the last of Mamma's children has now "put away childish things." These 15 years of his sunny life have been cloudless, loving, innocent ; God keep him hereafter from the evil, safe to the end ! Dear daddy has told me that during long Communion Services (when he is on his knees the whole time always) he prays for each one of us ; and sometimes I can realize, with sweet awfulness, how we are all "children of many prayers," when I see and feel the blessings poured out over us—prayers, one may believe, ascending from the "serene regions of Paradise" as well as from Earth ; and then comes the trust that, by the mighty power of prayer, God's loving mercy will bring us all "safe to land."

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