Tuesday, March 02, 2010

14Jun1871, Talking With Lord Russell

LONDON, June 14th, 1871.
—Dined with the Wortleys ; he looks wonderfully better. No less (and no bigger) a person than Lord Russell took me in to dinner, and was delightful, with his dry humourous anecdotes. Said his 1st political recollection was Pitt's going out of office ; also said Lord Castlereagh used to be very kind to him, but, on his displeasing him once, told him he ought to be whipped ! He remembers Princess Amelia whom he used to be very fond of when he was 7 years old ; told me, what I never knew, that she married a Col. Fitzroy. Drum at Devonshire House ; rather dull and frumpy.

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