Wednesday, February 03, 2010

25May1869, The White May is Coming Out

CHATSWORTH, May 25th, 1869.
—It is a sad blow having to wear one's winter things and have regular fires at this time of year. It was pretty fine in the afternoon, and even E. winds can't help things smelling sweet ; the white May is coming out at last. May and I rode with F., who came back to luncheon ; I on Salvolatile, a charming little beast. China went on merrily, specially the clearing out of a wonderful ménagerie of odds and ends, knick-knacks and gimcracks, from the cabinet in the 1st state-room. [FN: This was china brought from Chiswick and now being placed at Chatsworth. Chiswick was not inhabited by any of the Duke's relations after the Duchess of Southerland's death.]

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