Sunday, August 16, 2009

26Aug1867, Famous Lyttelton Cricket

HAGLEY, August 26th, 1867.
—Got to old Hagley before 12. The Bromsgrove side were in, hitting very well. Papaa in flannels taking immense pains, fielding (I think) at short slip [FN: This was one of the matches played by eleven Lytteltons.]. Uncle Spencer, in magenta flannels, sitting on a bench as a distant long-stop, did two balls the honour of fielding them. Uncle B. running about rather vaguely. All the boys fielding capitally (except Bob who was no great shakes) ; little Edward really admirable, never missing a ball, and throwing them in as neatly and quickly as possible. Papa, to his infinite delight, caught out the last wicket, and we went in with 151 to get. Alfred's batting was truly excellent ; his defence being wonderful. They began sending him slow balls out of kindness, but soon found he was up to anything. Arthur made two or 3 very fine slashing hits, especially a drive which showed great strength.

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