Thursday, August 27, 2009

27Nov1867, News from Home

ROME, November 27th, 1867.
—We have taken to omit luncheon, as we can't spare the middle of the day ; letters and Murray, etc., keep us in till about 12. The wretched Fenians who attacked a prisoners' van at Manchester and let out a fellow-Fenian, shooting the policeman in charge dead, have been condemned to death ; and out of the 5, 3 have been executed. It is very sad and terrible, as they are the 1st who have been executed for a political offence ; but it seemed inevitable. There have been deputations and demonstrations against the sentence in London. Foreigners think England must be in danger ; somehow one can't feel that a bit. Never did I take in better the immense strength we have in our fearless freedom of press, opinion and discussion, than now, when there are anxieties and disturbances and an impending revolution in national power. Parliament has met about the Abyssinian war.

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