Sunday, June 14, 2009

06Mar1867, Sermon by Dr. Pusey

LONDON, March 6th, 1867. Ash Wednesday.
Freddy had odious meetings all the morning. I went to All Saints', which was crammed full as Dr. Pusey preached. It was a striking, solemn sermon, upon the saved "suffering loss" at the Last Day, from the "wood, hay, and stubble" of their works on earth being tested by fire, they being themselves saved nevertheless by Infinite Mercy. I hardly understand the text in the same way. I think it means that if only we have built upon the One Foundation, the imperfections of our works will be forgiven, the fire will cleanse them, and only what is good and true will remain. But I don't know. I was glad to find sitting-room on the steps of the font, and heard with difficulty. He has a good, gentle face, though ugly ; his voice sounded rather weak and as if his chest hurt him. We had luncheon at Devonshire House where was Netty. I went to see Kate Amberley, and Granny who got down her Bible and entered the lists with Dr. Pusey so well !

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