Sunday, May 24, 2009

15Jul1866, Meriel Talbot, A Stalwart Child

LONDON, July 15th, 1866.
—We went to Christ Church in our smart clothes (F. in his wedding frock-coat !) for the christening of darling "Meriel Lucy Talbot," [FN: Now Dame Meriel Talbot.] who behaved and looked like an angel : F. godfather, to my great delight ; only my longings for a baby of our own were a little intensified by the proceedings. I took up little Meriel to her godfather for a kiss, which he administered with much precaution near the eyebrow. He gave her a fine Bible and Prayer Book in one, which, if she is a stalwart child, she may be able to lift in 10 years' time. After tea we walked to D. House and refreshed ourselves with nectarines.

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