Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12Apr1866, Speeches at the House

LONDON, April 12th, 1866.
—I spent a good deal of time at the House, where Uncle W. moved the 2nd reading of the Bill, in a spirited, eloquent speech. Lord Grosvenor moved his amendment (that the Bill was incomplete without redistribution being considered at the same time), and was seconded by Lord Stanley. I could hear little of either as Ld. G.'s voice is weak and low, and Lord S. tumbles over his tongue in an odd way ; but I believe Lord S.'s speech was very effective. Cavendish spoke after dinner : his 1st speech not upon Armyums : he hesitated a good deal, and seemed nervous : no wonder, for the Opposition chose to hoot and howl and roar with laughter in a way rather peculiar to after-dinner occasions and thoroughly disgraceful. There was stuff in his speech.

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