Sunday, January 07, 2007

27May1862, John Talbot is Beaten for Kidderminster

LONDON, Tuesday, May 27th, 1862.
—Alas, alas, after a long day of suspense, we heard of John's [FN: Talbot had stood for Kidderminster] being beaten by 8; which 8 are said to have cost the Liberal side £2,000! Who was to stand against such gross bribery? I spent the day in G. St., going for bkfast, and felt something like the excitement of the day the baby was born. John has made a famous fight, spoken admirably, and covered himself with laurels ; he will get in when next time there is a chance. This day has comfortably settled my hazy politics. The old dear was wise enough not to be sanguine, but of course it was a horrid blow. The numbers were : White, 228 ; Talbot, 220. Gay ball at Ly. Caroline Kerrison's, where, in spite of a new gown, I danced Once ; with Mr. Lefevre.

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