Tuesday, January 23, 2007

08Jul1862, A Ball at Devonshire House

LONDON, Tuesday, July 8th, 1862.
—I am writing at 5 a.m. Wednesday morng, in the little smoking-room; looking over the poor old town reposing in the pure light, its spires sharply cut up agst the sky, its clock chimes pealing with peculiar clearness thro' the unwonted silence; its birds waking up, and in the distance the 1st rumbles only just beginning. If the ball had over-excited, as it had heated me — this is the sight to calm and purify one!
The ball has been the 1st thoroughly enjoyable: at Devonshire House; and we didn't miss more than 3 or 4 dances. My partners: Mr. Cameron; a nice innominato Cambridge acquaintance; Ld. J. Hervey; Mr. Baker — and finally, for an ideal country dance, Ld. Schomberg Kerr. Never was country dance more delightful! The valsing was immense fun to look at. I was asked once or twice over and above the times I danced, and altogether this last ball has put me in spirits, and made me feel I go off with éclat! Now for quieter thoughts, that better suit this placid day-break.

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