Saturday, December 23, 2006

10May1862, Gread London Exhibition

LONDON, Saturday, May 10th, 1862.
—Aftn. went to the Exhibition, treated by Atie. P. with her young couple : so nice. It's too monstrous outside, but striking inside, tho' far indeed from coming up to the glassy, bowery impression left on my mind of the '51 one, which was lovely. We did the nave, the French court, the British court of pictures, the Italian court, etc., of course not at all thoroughly, but pleasantly. The pictures especially delightful ; also mem. busts of Tennyson and Cavour, Gibson's Venus, etc. We stayed more than an hour and a half. They went to the Opera, I not, as it has a ballet attached, in which case Papa doesn't like me to go, even when one doesn't stay.

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