Sunday, December 03, 2006

08Feb1862, Spencer's Fairy Queen

ALTHORP, Saturday, February 8th, 1862.
Papa and Althorp and Major Reilly hunted and had a good run in spite of a sharp frost. I had a particularly nice walk with Charlotte, and loved her more and more, for besides being "lovely and pleasant" in her outward self, she is so in her gentle ingenuous thoughts, simplicity and truth. Dear old Tallee came to stay over Sunday. For the evening, we played a freak : appeared Charlotte, the Prss., [FN: Princess Camporeale] At. Henrietta, Tallee and I, all in powdered hair twined back over a high "pelote," with lace handkerchief at top. In which historical attire we danced majestically. Every one of us looked the better, the Prss. perhaps the most decidedly so, and At. Henrietta amazingly well; but Charlotte looked too lovely and bewitching.

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