Saturday, November 18, 2006

04Oct1861, Peerage Corrections

HAGLEY, Friday, October 4th, 1861.
—Very mild and pleasant. Church ill attended. I walked with At. C. towards the Rectory, to Mrs. Preisse and to croquet : 1 game ; a little accounts, Peerage corrections (of which I make, I suppose, on an average 1 every 2 days), little boys' Bible and singing, Promessi Sposi, 5 o'clock sit with Granny, 6 o'clock ditto with schoolroom ; whist, reading and At. Coque's music ; so I filled up the quiet day, which had, however, its worry and distress, over and above the strange sense of suspense just now.

Letters from C. Neave, and (dreadfully angry) Miss S. ; to C. Neave, Arthur, and Mrs. Oxley (not sent).

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