Wednesday, September 06, 2006

11Apr1861, A Dance With the King of France

LONDON, Thursday, April 11th, 1861.
—There departed today Charles and I to London for the ball, which came off at Carlton Terrace with great success : I can't remember all my innumerable partners ! One, however, I do remember ; the " King of France " (Comte de Paris) asked particularly after me and danced with me : stomach-ache of thrill ! For the rest, Messrs. Trefusis, Ryan, Le Fevre, [FN: No doubt G. J. Shaw-Lefevre, afterwards a Cabinet Minister and now Lord Eversley] Hope, and Capt. Grant, Mrs. Percy's distinguished son, are all I remember. Charles was quite the handsomest man there : enjoyed himself, and danced with Warrens, T. Gladstones, and Sybil Grant. Introduced me to the D. of St. Albans with great propriety ! Declares he will learn to valse ! ! Everyone looked well in white and black. The house recalls the days of courtship [FN: Presumably referring to her elder sister Meriel's marriage] and matrimony wonderfully !

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