Monday, September 11, 2006

04Jun1861, Servant Problems

LONDON, Tuesday, June 4th, 1861.
—Slept like a top, and eat vigorously, but I had a nice upset with Wheeler's proceedings. She has for some days been tiffy with the nurse, thinking she (Wheeler) was reckoned a p.h., and such-like nonsense, and has treated me to one scene, for which she begged pardon afterwards. But now it has been settled that the nurse is to go to Sheen with me : two can't go, so the Grim One must stay behind. She should have had a holyday meanwhile, but she flew into a passion with Atie. P., and gave warning to me rather impertinently, so as I ain't a horse yet, I was put into a regular tremble and heart-beatings. It's a most lamentable thing, the want of common Christianity in servants. Suppose it was an unnecessary fidget to take the nurse (which it ain't, as Atie. P. won't be much there and there's no doctor near), one shd think it a very simple duty to give up one's own wish and swallow one's own pride rather than kick up a dust, especially with a Hinvalid [FN: She had just had typhoid fever]; but they wd never dream of such a thing. I could kick her.

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