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Names and Initials in the Diary



ADÈLE.—Mademoiselle d'Henin, a family friend of the Cavendishes; daughter of an émigré.

AGGY.—Agnes Gladstone, daughter of Mr. Gladstone ; married the Rev. Edward Wickham, Headmaster of Wellington, and subsequently Dean of Lincoln.

ALGYS, THE.—The Hon. Algernon Egerton, son of 1st Lord Ellesmere, and his wife Alice, daughter, of Lord George Cavendish, uncle of Lord Frederick.

AUNT CAROLINE.—Lady Caroline Lascelles, daughter of the 6th Earl of Carlisle, and sister of Lord Frederick Cavendish's mother. She married the Hon. W. Lascelles, and her daughter Emma married Lord Edward Cavendish.

AUNT COQUE AND AUNT C.—The Hon. Caroline Lavinia Lyttelton, Lady Frederick's aunt.

AUNT EMMIE OR EMY.—Aunt E., Wife of the Hon. and Rev. William Lyttelton, Rector of Hagley.

AUNT FANNY.—Aunt Fanny, Sister of the 7th Duke of Devonshire ; married Frederick John Howard, grandson of the 5th Earl of Carlisle.

AUNT HENRIETTA.— Aunt Henrietta, Wife. of Lady Frederick's uncle, the Hon. Spencer Lyttelton.

AUNT K. on KITTY.—Not really an aunt, but a cousin. She was Catharine Pole-Carew, daughter of the Hon. Caroline Lyttelton, who married the Rt. Hon. Reginald Pole-Carew, of Antony, Cornwall.

AUNT LAVINIA.—The Hon. Lavinia Lyttelton, daughter of the 3rd Lord Lyttelton ; married the Rev. Henry Glynne, Rector of Hawarden, and brother of Mrs. Gladstone (Aunt Pussy).

AUNT LIZZY.—Lady Elizabeth Grey. She was a daughter of the 6th Earl of Carlisle, wife of the Hon. and Rev. Francis Grey, and sister of Lady Burlington, Lord Frederick's mother.

AUNT MARY.—Lady Taunton, sister of Lord Frederick's mother, Lady Burlington.

AUNT WENLOCK.—Caroline Neville, Daughter of 2nd Lord Braybrooke and wife of 1st Lord Wenlock ; great aunt of Lady Frederick.

AUNT YADDY.—Adelaide Seymour, second wife of the 4th Earl Spencer and mother of the 6th (and whose great-great-great-grandson just married Ms. Catherine Middleton) .

AUNTIE PUSSY, OR A.P.—Mrs. Gladstone, sister of Lady Frederick's mother.

B.—Beatrice, daughter of Lady Caroline Lascelles (" Aunt Caroline ") ; afterwards wife of Archbishop Temple.

BOB, BOBBY, ETC.—Generally her brother, the Hon. Robert Lyttelton, who begins as " Bobby," but becomes " Bob " ; but Bobby, later on, usually means her cousin, the Hon. Robert Spencer, who became 6th Earl Spencer in 1910.

BOBSEY MEADE.—The Hon. Robert Meade, Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, son of the 3rd Earl of Clanwilliam ; married, first, Lady Mary Elizabeth Lascelles, and, secondly, Caroline Georgina Grenfell, whose mother was a first cousin of Lord Frederick, and sister of Lady Edward Cavendish.

CHARLES.—Her eldest brother, afterwards 8th Viscount Cobham.

CHARLOTTE.— Charlotte, Daughter of Frederick Seymour, wife of the 5th Earl Spencer, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland.

CONSTANCE.—Lord Frederick's cousin, Lady Constance Leveson-Gower, afterwards 1st Duchess of Westminster.

COQUITTY, OR AUNT COQUITTY.—Her "Aunt Coque" and her cousin Miss Kitty Pole-Carew, who lived together after Sarah Lady Lyttelton's death.

COUSIN BICK, OR BINGY.—Beilby Lawley, 3rd Lord Wenlock.

COUSIN EBBET OR C. EBBET.—Lady Wenlock ; wife of 2nd Baron. She was Lady Elizabeth Grosvenor, daughter of the 2nd Marquis of Westminster.

COUSIN JANE.—Jane Lawley, See Cousin Jem.

COUSIN JEM.—Right Hon. James Stuart-Wortley, who married Lady Frederick's cousin Jane, daughter of 1st Lord Wenlock. His sister was Mrs. Talbot, mother of John and Edward Talbot, who married Lady Frederick's sisters (Meriel and Lavinia).

DI.—Diana Ellis, wife of Edward Coke, daughter of Lady Dover, Lord Frederick's aunt.

DISMAL JEMMY AND D.J.—Sir William Des Voeux, afterwards Governor of Hongkong.

EDDY.—Her brother-in-law Lord Edward Cavendish.

EDWARD.—Either her brother, afterwards Headmaster of Eton, or her brother-in-law, Edward Talbot, afterwards Bishop of Winchester.

EMMA.—Her sister-in-law Lady Edward Cavendish.

E.Q.Eastern Question.

FRANK.—Admiral the Hon. Francis Egerton, husband of Lady Louisa Cavendish, Lord Frederick's sister.

FREDDIE HOWARD.—Freddie Howard, Son of Frederick Howard and Lady Fanny ("Aunt Fanny").

G. STREET.-10 Great George Street, Westminster, the London house of the Talbots.

GERTRUDE OR G.G.—Her first cousin, daughter of the Rev. Henry Glynne by his wife Lavinia, daughter of the 3rd Lord Lyttelton. She married the 2nd Lord Penrhyn.

GRANDE DAME.—Mrs. Gladstone ; so called, I suppose, as a sort of feminine to Great Man.

GRANNY.—Lady Lyttelton, born Lady Sarah Spencer ; Lady Frederick's grandmother. (Letters)

GRAUNTCOQUE.—Her grandmother Lady Sarah Lyttleton, and her aunt the Hon. Caroline Lyttelton ("Aunt Coque").

GRAUNTCOQUITTY.—"Granny," and "Aunt Coque," and "Aunt Kitty" : the Dowager Lady Lyttelton, the Hon. Caroline Lyttelton, and Miss Pole-Carew.

JOHN, JOHNNY, ETC.—Her brother-in-law John Talbot, husband of her eldest sister Meriel ; afterwards M.P. and a Privy Councillor.

KATIE.—Katharine, daughter of the 2nd Lord Chesham ; 2nd wife of the 1st Duke of Westminster.

LADY A.—Maria, Marchioness of Ailesbury.

LENA (1).—Helen, youngest daughter of Mr. Gladstone.

LENA (2).—Caroline Georgina Grenfell, wife of the Hon. Robert Meade. Her mother was a daughter of Lady Caroline Lascelles, Lord Frederick's aunt.

LOU.—Her sister-in-law Lady Louisa Cavendish, who married Admiral the Hon. Francis Egerton, son of the 1st Earl of Ellesmere.

LOUEY.—Louisa Blanche Howard, daughter of "Aunt Fanny" ; married Cecil Savile Foljambe, afterwards created Earl of Liverpool.

M.—Her sister Meriel, wife of the Rt. Hon. J. G. Talbot.

MARGARET.—Margaret Howard, daughter of Frederick John Howard by his wife Lady Fanny, sister of the 7th Duke of Devonshire. She married the Hon. Frederick Ponsonby, son of the 2nd Lord de Mauley.

MARY (1) OR MAZY.--Mary, daughter of Mr. Gladstone ; afterwards Mrs. Drew.

MARY (2) OR "LITTLE MARY."—Mary, Daughter of the 2nd Lord Chesham ; married the 8th Viscount Cobham, Lady Frederick's eldest brother.

MAY (1).—Her sister Mary.

MAY (2).—The Hon. Mary Lascelles, a Maid of Honour, daughter of Lady Caroline Lascelles, Lord Frederick's aunt.

NETTY.—Henrietta, daughter of the Rt. Hon. W. S. Lascelles and his wife "Aunt Caroline" ; she married the 2nd Lord Chesham, and some of her children (including Mary, afterwards Viscountess Cobham, and Lady Frederick's sister-in-law) were born at Burlington House, Piccadilly, then the property of Lord Chesham.

NEVY.—Her brother Neville ; now General the Hon. Sir Neville Lyttelton, G.C.B.

NEWMANY.—Nurse at Hagley.

P.D.S.—Public Day Schools for Girls.

P.M.W.—Parochial Mission Women.

RECTORS.—Her uncle the Rector of Hagley and his wife.

SAL OR SALKINS.—Her half-sister Sarah Kathleen, now the Hon. Mrs. John Bailey.

SISSY ASHLEY.—Sybella Charlotte, wife of the Hon. Evelyn Ashley, afterwards a well-known politician and writer, and father of Colonel Wilfrid Ashley, the present Minister of Transport. She was a daughter of Sir Walter Farquhar, Bt.

STEPHY.—Stephen Gladstone, Mr. Gladstone's second son.

TALLEE.—Lady Sarah Spencer, daughter of the 4th Earl Spencer, and first cousin of Lord Lyttelton, Lady Frederick's father.

UNCLE BILLY.—The Hon. and Rev. William Lyttelton, Lady Frederick's uncle.

UNCLE DICK.—Lord Richard Cavendish, uncle of Lord Frederick.

UNCLE FRITZ.—Frederick, 4th Earl Spencer, Lady Frederick's great-uncle.

UNCLE HENRY.—The Rev. Henry Glynne, Rector of Hawarden, brother of Lady Lyttelton and Mrs. Gladstone ; married the Hon. Lavinia Lyttelton, Lady Frederick's aunt.

UNCLE RICHARD.—Lord Richard Cavendish, uncle of Lord Frederick.

UNCLE SPENCER.—The Hon. Spencer Lyttelton, brother of Lord Lyttelton.

UNCLE STEPHEN.--Sir Stephen Glynne, Bt., brother of Lady Lyttelton and Mrs. Gladstone.

UNCLE WILLIAM.—Mr. Gladstone.

VA OR VAY.—Lady Frederick's cousin, Lady Victoria Spencer, afterwards Viscountess Sandhurst.

VICTOR.—Victor, The present Duke of Devonshire.

WILLIAM.—William, Elder son of Lady Louisa Egerton.

WILLY.—W. H. Gladstone, Mr. Gladstone's eldest son.

WINor WINNY.—Lady Frederick's sister Lavinia, afterwards wife of Edward Talbot, afterwards Bishop of Winchester.

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